You built a great company. We invest capital to fuel your growth. We partner to achieve your aspiration.
You built a great company.
We invest capital to fuel your growth.
We partner to achieve your aspiration.
"The Savant Growth Team brings tremendous vision and resources to support our growth. They have worked as partners even throughout challenges. Devsavant has been a major contributor to our data warehousing and AI initiatives." - Frank Fawzi, CEO at Intelepeer.

IntelePeer is a company that offers cloud communications and contact center solutions, empowering businesses with reliable and scalable communication services.

Location: Dania Beach, Florida  |  Sector: Enterprise Software & Services

"The Savant Growth Team worked with me for months, showing me compelling deals before we decided to pursue Impartner together. Their deal flow was impressive." - Joe Wang, CEO at Impartner. 

Impartner specializes in delivering world-class Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software and solutions to help businesses effectively manage and grow their partner ecosystems. Savant Growth and CEO Joe Wang are leading the company to unicorn potential.

Location: South Jordan, Utah | Sector: Enterprise Software & Services

"We could have raised more capital from our angels, but we needed an institutional partner to get to the next level. We felt a good cultural fit with the Savant Growth team and liked their platform." - Khaled Naim, Co-Founder at Onfleet.  

Onfleet specializes in logistics management software and route optimization to help businesses streamline and optimize their last-mile delivery operations.

Location: San Francisco, California | Sector: Enterprise Software & Services

 "My advice to any founders looking for a true growth and scale partnership is that they should include Savant Growth in their search criteria. You get a lot more than just access to flexible capital." - Ray Downes, CEO at FileCloud. 

FileCloud is a hyper-secure content collaboration platform (CCP) that offers secure enterprise file sharing and sync solutions to enable efficient collaboration and data management.

Location: Austin, Texas | Sector: Secure Document Management & Collaboration

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