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SaleSavant: The Data and Software Division of Savant Growth
With 30 years in growth equity, we at Savant Growth know that clear ICPs and quality data drive fast, cost-effective growth. We built SaleSavant after talking with many sales and marketing leaders to support our portfolio companies and potential investments. SaleSavant, our exclusive B2B SaaS tool by SavantGrowth, uses advanced analytics for finding new investments, boosting sales efficiency, and pinpointing decision-makers. We gather data online and use AI and matching algorithms to spot sales chances, target firms, and vital contacts.
Benefits of SaleSavant
Lead generation

SaleSavant makes finding precise ICP leads easy for you.

Use our software to quickly update and discover contacts and leads!

Reduce the time spent on qualification with our platform, enabling your sales team to spend more time on closing deals.

Benefit from SaleSavant's continuous data refresh feature, ensuring that your lead/contact information is always up to date and relevant.

With Contact Finder Batch and Champion Tracker, boost your sales by:

Easily finding thousands of quality contacts.

Achieving over 90% coverage for specific job titles, sectors, and target accounts.

Letting your sales and marketing teams concentrate on selling and agile marketing strategies.

Regularly tracking customer and alumni job changes, and connecting with them during these changes to boost sales and marketing success rates.

Generate valuable insights for your business

SaleSavant enriches your data and provides insights on your customers and leads.

Using our proprietary SaleSavant software, we helped a  company with a self-serve sales model perform a customer segmentation analysis (custom label/classify, size, score) and identify customers and ICP leads with significant expansion potential.

400 enterprise upgrade opportunities identified from a customer base of 2,000+.

Who is this for?
VP of Sales
Are you looking to supercharge your sales pipeline and deliver high-quality leads? We help you maximize your team's productivity, close deals faster, and achieve higher conversion rates.
Do you want to take your lead generation efforts to new heights? We leverage advanced targeting to identify and acquire leads with the highest conversion potential.
Director of Revenue Operations
Are you looking to boost your revenue growth and skyrocket your organization? We empower you to revolutionize lead generation and achieve unprecedented business success.
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