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Our founder's roots run deep.  Entrepreneurs ourselves, for thirty years our mission has been to help tech founders grow and realize their vision. Our first decade focused on financial advisory, having advised over 200 tech firms on high-value outcomes. Operators at heart, we launched Kennet’s US presence in 2000 with a focus on helping founder-led bootstrapped companies achieve their potential.

Over the past 20 years, we have taken an entrepreneurial approach to international investing by combining analytics, talent, and capital to cultivate over 50 high-growth ventures with almost $1 billion invested globally.

In 2021, Kennet recapitalized, and the North American and European teams restructured to focus on their respective markets. The result is Savant Growth; a US fund with a powerful software and operations platform dedicated to accelerating growth for capital-efficient SaaS companies.

Our mission is to help our founders/CEOs build high-growth market-leading companies. We do not work alone. We have the power of our operations platform through DevSavant and SaleSavant. We continue to partner with Kennet, managing Kennet V's and Kennet VI's US investment program. Together, we work to achieve global market leadership for our companies.
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