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Investment Thesis 

The coming decades will witness immense value creation through the digitization of most of today's work-streams. As major tech giants invest in creating tools to facilitate this change, there will be substantial opportunities within every industry. Emerging businesses, backed by software, data, analytics, and AI, will revolutionize workflows and potentially reshape market leadership. Our 30-year journey with software, analytics, and AI has taught us that true innovation lies in redefining workflows to fully harness these technologies' potential.

Our focus? Companies that blend software, data, analytics, and AI to drastically improve business efficiency and transform markets. 

Target Markets

We're interested in diverse market segments that are both embracing technology and undergoing significant transformations. Our companies invariably empower businesses automating their processes, thus enhancing capital efficiency or improving outcomes.  Our portfolio company market experience includes:



Healthcare, Life Science

Legal Automation

Human Resources

Field Service, Logistics

Workflow Automation

Network Security

The common thread? Leveraging data, analytics, and AI for transformative results.

Deal Profile

For us, the bedrock of any company is its management team and its clientele. We look for:

Capital-efficient Founders: Entrepreneurs who have effectively leveraged resources to reach a pivotal customer base, signaling readiness for growth.

Performance Metrics: Companies with an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) between $5M to $25M in our investment's first year and a growth trajectory of 30% to 100%+.

Investment Type: We're open to both majority and sizable minority stakes. Often, we're the first institutional investors, especially for companies predominantly funded by customer revenues. Seed and angel funding prior to our investment is common.

The goal? To invest in scaling operations while also tapping into promising global expansion and acquisition opportunities.

Maximize the Exit
Building lasting, category-leading businesses, whether stand-alone or acquired, is the goal. We have advised/exited more than 200 companies and pride ourselves in being expert marketers of your equity to maximize the big win.
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