Savant Growth Gathers $500 Million for Inaugural Fund

July 6, 2023

February 17, 2021





Savant Growth has raised $500 million for its inaugural fund, solidifying its capability to support and invest in promising companies across diverse industries. With this substantial capital, they will drive innovation, foster growth, and create impactful opportunities in the business landscape.

New PE Firm Brings Active Partnership, Technology, and 30 Years’ Experience Helping Founder-Led SaaS Businesses Scale

SAN FRANCISCO—February 17, 2021—

Savant Growth, a new, data-driven private equity firm, has had its first and final close of its inaugural fund, Savant Growth Fund I, to provide founder-led, SaaS companies with the active partnership, proprietary technology, and expansion capital needed to scale their businesses.

Savant Growth believes the market has never been hotter for high-growth SaaS / eCommerce infrastructure technology with more entrepreneurs using easily accessible tools to start innovative, capital-efficient companies. The firm sees these opportunities being driven by the digitization and automation of human workflows and the booming subscription economy–a trend accelerated by the pandemic. However, this new breed of companies can often struggle to scale their critical data operations while also optimizing sales and marketing to achieve growth.

“Today, with the rapid pace of change, businesses that leverage Applied AI and data are innovating the high growth subscription economy.” said Savant Growth Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Eric Filipek. “With over 30 years’ specialized investment experience with founder-led SaaS businesses, we believe Savant Growth is uniquely positioned to help bootstrapped, capital-efficient companies create operational synergies and transform for their next  phase of growth.”

Savant Growth’s inaugural, multi-vehicle fund has approximately $500M in capital availability including nine active portfolio companies. The firm’s partners collaborate closely with founders and their teams with the goal of helping solve the challenges associated with accelerating business growth and expansion. In addition to capital, Savant Growth’s team includes data scientists, engineers and other experts in data analytics, software development and AI, who work across the spectrum of full-stack technology solutions for the B2B SaaS space.

“The executives at Savant Growth were able to help us accelerate our AI and NLP efforts with their team of developers,” said Frank Fawzi, CEO of IntelePeer. ”As a result, we were able to quickly scale up our development efforts to meet business demands.”

Savant Growth believes portfolio companies benefit from the firm’s proprietary technology and services, driven by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), to help scale data operations, build management teams, and generate new business opportunities, which normally take companies years to build out on their own to compete at the next level.

“We believe the convergence of SaaS, predictive analytics, and Applied AI is driving a rapid shift of business work streams to digital annuity streams,” said Savant Growth Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Javier Rojas. “We see this transition happening in every market segment and it is redefining industry leaders. We believe our platform is optimized to find, fund and support these innovators to help accelerate their growth.”

Sixpoint Partners served as the exclusive global placement agent.

About Savant Growth

Savant Growth is a private equity firm that invests in bootstrapped, founder-led, B2B SaaS and tech-enabled services businesses. The firm combines 30 years of investment experience with a data-driven, entrepreneurial approach to bring together talent, companies, and capital for transformational outcomes in large, high-growth markets.  Savant Growth believes it provides unique operating leverage to portfolio companies with its proprietary software and services for prospect identification (SaleSavant) and engineering resources to augment development initiatives (DevSavant). Savant Growth has approximately $500M in capital availability including nine active portfolio companies: Conversica, CrossBorder Solutions,, Impartner, IntelePeer, Onfleet, Revolution Prep, Spatial Networks (Fulcrum), and ThinkHR. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Savant Growth collaborates with Kennet Partners, to manage its Kennet V U.S. investment program and connect founders seeking to expand their global market leadership. For more information, please visit

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